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Improve your presentation skills & Have a great time

It’s super simple:
You get a slide deck you’ve never seen before - and then you present it.

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We help you getting the most out of the time you spend together


We help you getting the most out of the time you spend together

It's easy to organize

We give you all you need: Not just the slides, but also invitation texts and other tips & tricks. With that you can easily plan and organize the event! 🤙

Save time

Preparing a 1 hour training session easily takes 4 to 8 hours when done properly. That's a lot of time (and time is money 😋)

Grow together

Presenting itself may feel frightening. Presenting something you've never seen before? Existential crisis! But by doing it together, encouraging each other and celebrating the courage, you also grow as a team!

Training included

Slide Karaoke is a game that challenges your flexibility and spontaneity. So as a side-effect, you’ll train your presentation & rhetoric skills! 🎓

Avoid licence-headaches

We prepare the slide decks ourselves and use licence-free images and content so that you can be certain to not run into any problems!

Simply hilarious!

Combine interesting topics, improv and a little bit of time pressure and you've the perfect mix! With Slide Karaoke everybody in the room gets excited and entertained - both presenter and audience. 🤩

Run it at your next event

You can use slide karaoke everywhere at the interface between learning and social events!

Company Summits

Built in a training session of Slide Karaoke to drive engagement & have some fun!


Bring your direct team closer together by having a fun night with Slide Karaoke

a conference


Run an interactive session at conferences or meetups. With it, you will engage your audience and people will remember it!

a classroom


At accelerators, in the university or in the school - choose fitting topics and boost the presentation skills of all participants!

friends playing something together

Fun Activities

...or do it just for fun!

With your friends or whoelse is up for the challenge!

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Use our curated sets to save time and a perfect event experience!

Management Training

Management Training

€ 69.95 EUR
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Party Pack

Party Pack

€ 89.95 EUR

This set contains the following topics:

  • Ways to develop
  • The Trial for Pharaohs
  • Australian Emu Wars
  • The Latrine Disaster
  • Situational Leadership
  • Wojtek, the soldier bear
  • King of the Con
  • Turnspit Dog

An event with this set will take ~90 minutes.

Usually, you will have 6 to 16 presenters.

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Sales Training

Sales Training

€ 69.95 EUR
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You want to have something else?

Sure thing!

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